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60 Years of AAF Roanoke

Since 1958, AAF Roanoke has strived to be the unifying voice for advertising for the region, and part of the grassroots basis of a nationwide organization. As we celebrate 60 years, we have renewed our commitment to our members and our community. We plan to bring you professional development events featuring local and regional speakers, recognition of your creative excellence with the Western Virginia American Advertising Awards, and opportunities to give to our community through our public service events.

As President, I speak for the entire board when I say that we are so excited to bring you a new year of events that includes several updates.


Memberships fund 100% of Our Professional Development Events

During July and August, we’ve taken a diligent look at the breakout of our budget, implemented polices regarding spending, and adjusted our own expectations to attempt to do more with less. More on that in a bit. Currently, the money we get for a Single Membership ($220) is used like this:

22% goes directly to dues outside of the club. We use 19% to cover operational costs, like taxes and fees, and the rest goes right into event programming. As a 501(c) 6, we make no profit on any event we hold, and any extra money that comes in from ticketed events goes back to fund more programming.


Western Virginia American Advertising Awards

The WVAAA’s is the local entry point to our industry’s largest annual competition recognizing creative excellence. I’m proud to say that our planning is well underway, and we’re waiting for the entry submission portal to open up on December 3rd. Speaking of dates to save, why don’t you go ahead and add these events to your calendar.

  • Call for Entries, December 3rd, 2018
  • Entry Drop-off, January 10th, 2019
  • Western Virginia American Advertising Awards, March 2nd, 2019


Giving Back for the Future

We feel a strong calling to serve the Roanoke region. We will continue to promote advertising as a profession to high school students through AAF in the Classroom and AdScape. We will continue to donate advertising resources to local non-profits with our public service initiatives. We will continue to represent the interests of the advertising industry, both locally and nationally, through our Government relationship efforts.

While these may or may not affect you directly, our Public Service, Diversity, and Government Relations happen through your support. By simply becoming a member or renewing your membership, you also allow us to serve you, the industry we represent, and the place we call home.



To enjoy the advertising and marketing events of AAF Roanoke for free, and to help us with our mission of serving you and the community, we would like to ask you to join us as a member.

Sign up now and save 10% through October 1. 

More about Membership


We are anxious to get started this year, but we want to make sure that you are on board, too. If you have questions about anything in this letter, or about AAF Roanoke, or how you or your company could help this year, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. You can do that by sending an email to

On behalf of the entire board, thank you for your support.

-Patrick A. Carrell.

President, AAF Roanoke

American Advertising Federation of Roanoke Honors Steve Huff and Katie Wallace with Silver Medal Award

Recipients both noted for inspiring the next generation of creative professionals

Roanoke, Va. (July 10, 2018) – Steve Huff, communication design professor and entrepreneur and Katie Wallace, principal of The Wallace Agency have been awarded the 2018 American Advertising Federation’s Silver Medal Award by the American Advertising Federation of Roanoke.

The two industry veterans received this prestigious award at the Silver Medal Ceremony on June 28. This event celebrates the lifetime achievement and creativity of its recipients.

The Silver Medal Award was established by the American Advertising Federation in 1959 to recognize men and women who have made outstanding contributions to advertising and who have been active in furthering the industry’s standards, creative excellence and responsibility in areas of social concern.

Silver Medal recipients have achieved success within an advertising agency, or as an advertiser, media or advertising service. They demonstrate outstanding creative ability and a consistent, high degree of original thinking in their field. Silver Medal recipients have worked to increase the stature and raise the standards of the advertising profession. Finally, they contribute to their community by being active in civic, religious, or other groups dedicated to human or social welfare.

Steve Huff

Recognized not only for his contributions as an educator at Virginia Western Community College, but also for his entrepreneurial and charity efforts, Steve Huff was the evening’s first honoree. His impact recognized in 2011 when he received the Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence (CATE). The award is given annually to one teaching faculty member in Virginia who distinctly represents teaching excellence. In addition, as owner of Accuracy X, Steve displays his creativity by hand making firearms of exceptional quality. A highly respected marksman, Steve is frequently sought out as an instructor, helping train military and police special forces around the country.

Huff and his wife, Stacey, started a non-profit organization called World Relief Now (WRN) in 2005 after witnessing acute poverty during their travels to Africa. Through the organization, Huff has provided everything from vitamins to coloring books and helped build schools for people in places like Senegal, Nepal and South Africa.



Katie Wallace

For more than 30 years, Katie Wallace has helped clients build sustainable branding and marketing solutions with The Wallace Agency. Katie draws on her many years of business and marketing experience combined with an entrepreneurial spirit and passion to help clients identify opportunities for growth. With a national network of research, marketing and creative professionals, she finds hand-picked talent specific to her clients’ needs.

Katie was also recognized for her passionate about community building and “place-making” through the development of artist studios and the revitalization of underutilized properties. She has been a valuable member of numerous community councils and boards, including the American Advertising Federation, where she served as Addy Committee Chair, Vice President, and President (two years) and Ex-Officio (two years) and at the AAF district level as State Governor of Virginia.

“I can’t emphasize enough how much Steve and Katie have helped inspire creative minds in our region,” said Stefanie Brown, immediate past president, AAF Roanoke. “Whether through pushing students to reach new heights of academic creativity or giving a recent graduate that first shot at an exclusive agency job, Steve and Katie have made our industry stronger with their inspiring work ethic, professionalism and community impact.”

About AAF Roanoke

Founded in 1958, the American Advertising Federation, Roanoke Chapter, is Roanoke’s only professional organization devoted entirely to the business of advertising. Professionals in the areas of graphic design, marketing, TV and radio, photography, printing, web design and more, come together to represent a diversity of companies from our community.


Stefanie Brown, APR

Immediate Past President, AAF Roanoke

2018 Silver Medal Award Nominations

The American Advertising Federation of Roanoke is currently accepting nominations for the 2018 Silver Medal Award. This is the AAF’s highest honor awarded for Lifetime Achievement and is given in recognition of an individual’s outstanding contributions to the advertising profession.

To nominate a qualified individual, please report a detailed overview of the following criteria in the appropriate form field below. The deadline for nominations is April 10.

To date, AAF Roanoke has awarded the Silver Medal to 35 individuals since it’s inception in 1966. Here are all of the Silver Medal Award recipients to date.

2016 – Lindy Adams and John Anstey

2015 – Todd Marcum

2010 – Tony Pearman

2009 – Terri Jones

2007 – David Hodge

2006 – Richard Boyd

2003 – Robin Chalkley

2002 – Sandy Murray

2001 – Freda Carper

2000 – Greg Vaughn

1991 – Jim Webster

1990 – Howard Packett

1989 ­ – Jan Wilkens

1988 – Larry Bly

1987 – Don Foutz

1985 – Julie McDowell

1984 – William B. Houck, Sr.

1983 – Fred Mugler (Frelantz)

1982 – Mamie Vest

1981 – Dick Burton

1980 – Dale Poindexter

1979 – Claude Harrison

1978 – Wiley Wright

1977 – Herb Weaver

1976 – Burt Levine

1975 – Jerry Conrad

1974 – Bill Snider

1973 – Gordon LeGarde

1972  – John Harkrader

1971 – Cecil Edmonds

1970 – Chuck McKeever

1969 – C.B. Houck

1968 – Clay Ferguson, Jr.

1967 – Shields Johnson

1966 – John Will Creasy

Nominations for Advertising Person of the Year & Vendor of the Year now being accepted

You can now submit your nominations online. Visit the link below.

Nominate Advertising Person of the Year & Vendor of the Year

Urgent Message from AAF Roanoke on proposed tax on advertising

October 13, 2017

Dear Business Owners, Employees and Advertising Professionals,

We need your help now! Congressional tax writers are discussing the specifics of the tax reform bill – including a possible tax on advertising – this week.

  • Virginia Senator Mark Warner is on the Senate Finance Committee, please contact him immediately and urge him to oppose effort to change the tax status of advertising.
  • Please contact Senator Kaine and your district house representative and ask that they speak to their colleagues on the House Ways and Means and Senate Finance committees and urge them to leave advertising alone.
    A sample letter is below for your convenience.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like any supporting materials.

Cindy Shepard Rawlins
Roanoke AAF Government Relations Chair

Contact information:

Virginia Senators:

Warner, Mark R. – (D – VA)
703 Hart Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510
(202) 224-2023

Kaine, Tim – (D – VA)
231 Russell Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510
(202) 224-4024


Virginia U.S. House of Representatives:

5th District
Thomas Garrett
415 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: 202-225-4711
Fax: 202-225-5681

6th District
Bob Goodlatte
2309 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-5431
Fax: (202) 225-9681
Other office locations:



9th District:

Morgan Griffith
2202 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-3861
Fax: (202) 225-0076



Dear __________,

The goal of tax reform is to grow the economy.  A tax on advertising – a primary engine of that growth – would undermine that goal and be counter-productive.  According to studies designed by a Nobel winning economist a tax on advertising must be opposed because:

  • Advertising is the engine of the U.S. economy and generates $5.8 trillion in economic activity
  • Advertising supports 20 million American jobs
  • Every $1 million spent on advertising supports 67 jobs across American industries
  • Every advertising job supports 34 jobs across other industries.

Since the adoption of the tax code in 1913, advertising has been treated as a fully deductible cost of doing business, a drastic change will force business owners to pay much more in taxes and would endanger other essential costs of doing business. No economic rationale has been offered to justify a change in the deduction for advertising costs.

Please speak to your colleagues on the House Ways and Means and Senate Finance committees and urge them to leave advertising alone.

Thank you,

[insert your name here]

Ad Studies – Virginia

AdScape Seeks Students Interested in Advertising Careers

AAF Roanoke’s nationally award-winning program enters its fourth year of exposing area high school students to a variety of advertising disciplines


Roanoke, Va. (Oct. 4, 2017) – Now in its fourth year, Adscape is a daylong program offering advanced training in advertising to area high school students interested in graphic design, media, and marketing. It has become the area’s premier annual event for advertising career exploration for multicultural audiences. Applications are now open for interested students for the October 26 event held at Radford University.

AdScape is designed to give creative high school students an insider’s view of advertising. The program includes hands-on workshops on a range of topics and lunch with professionals, professors, and college students. Designed to cultivate advertising talent at the high school level, AdScape programing encourages students to view advertising as a viable career choice by providing professional guidance, leadership, and networking opportunities enhancing students’ understanding of marketing communication.

A program of the Roanoke Chapter of the AAF (American Advertising Federation), AdScape received national recognition in 2015 when it was awarded the Mosaic Award for Best Multicultural Student Program by the American Advertising Federation. Over the past 3 years, AdScape has placed first in the American Advertising Federation’s Diversity & Multicultural Initiatives for Division 3 for 2015, 2016 and 2017, beating other contending AAF clubs across the nation.

“AdScape was created specifically to promote inclusion and support of diversity within the advertising industry targeting multicultural high school students,” said Jamal Millner, AAF Roanoke’s Diversity Chair and Past President. “Minority students are underrepresented in our industry, and that’s why we try to encourage those academic middle students – students that might go to college or might not, by just letting them know there are cool jobs that exist, and that might make them say, ‘I can do this – I might go to college.'”

All workshops are presented by leading professionals in their field and the entire event, including lunch and transportation, is at no cost to students. To learn more and register for AdScape, visit:

About AAF Roanoke

Founded in 1958, the American Advertising Federation, Roanoke Chapter, is Roanoke’s only professional organization devoted entirely to the business of advertising. Professionals in the areas of graphic design, marketing, TV and radio, photography, printing, web design and more, come together to represent a diversity of companies from our community.


2017 AAF District 3 American Advertising Awards Announced

COLUMBIA, SC – District Three of the American Advertising Federation announced the American Advertising Award winners on April 1, 2017, recognizing work in the industries of advertising, marketing, public relations, photography, graphic design and related fields from agencies, businesses and individuals doing business in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina as well as college students studying for those related fields. This year’s judging also saw the participation of the Richmond Ad Club for the first time in many years.
Judging took place in Columbia, SC. The three out-of-market judges were:

Judges chose winners from approximately 200 professional entries and nearly 100 student entries including online, electronic device application, broadcast and print entries. Of those entries, 15 Gold ADDY® Awards and 27 Silver ADDY® Awards were presented to professionals, 7 Gold and 13 Silver ADDY® Awards were presented to students. Entries were judged by a 3-judge panel for their creativity, originality and strategy.
The following entries won the District 3 American Advertising Awards top honors:

  • HMH Agency of Charlotte, North Carolina of AAF Charlotte merited Best of Show Honors “Savannah Airport Takeover”.
  • Virginia Commonwealth University Student Jay Adams of AAF Hampton Roads merited Best of Show Student Honors for her “Sweet & Low Companion”.
  • A Special Judges Award went to BooneOakley of Charlotte, NC of AAF Charlotte for “HB2 U, Pat”.

Following is a complete list of the AAF Roanoke District 3 American Advertising Award winners:

  • Gold ADDY® Award for “My Daddy’s Grass Album Cover” by Boyd Pearman Photography (Photography, Color)
  • Silver ADDY® Award for “CT Rolling of the Bulls” by Access (Illustration)
  • Silver ADDY® Award for “Happy Holidays Set” by Virginia Tech (Card, Invitation or Announcement Campaign)
  • Silver ADDY® Award for “Bon Secours Branding Launch” by BOSS Motion Picture Company (Cinematography)
  • Student Gold ADDY® Award for “Koze” by Shannon LeBlanc from Liberty University (Point of Purchase)
  • Student Gold ADDY® Award for “Don’t Let Them Fade Away” by Shawna Hession from Radford University (Illustration – Campaign)
  • Student Silver ADDY® Award for “UNCOVER” by Chloe Kim from Liberty University (Poster Campaign)
  • Student Silver ADDY® Award for “Collect 200 | A Museum Exhibition” by Hannah Pinkie from Liberty University (Single Occurrence or Installation)
  • Student Silver ADDY® Award for “Why So Cereal?” by Ji Su Lee from Liberty University (Packaging)
  • Student Silver ADDY® Award for “AHA!” by Ji Su Lee from Liberty University (Point of Purchase)
  • Student Silver ADDY® Award for “Objectification” by Hannah Lynch from Liberty University (Outdoor & Transit Advertising Campaign)
  • Student Silver ADDY® Award for “Mug Hard: Holiday Collection” by Dakota Stanford from Radford University (Packaging)

For a full list of District 3 American Advertising Award winners, please visit:

The American Advertising Awards is the advertising industry’s largest and most representative competition for creative excellence. The three-tier national competition is conducted annually by the American Advertising Federation, advertising’s largest industry association and the only one to represent the interests of all facets of advertising: advertisers, agencies, suppliers and media. The AAF is based in Washington, D.C. and has more than 40,000 members through 200 local advertising clubs. For more information, visit

A Letter from AAF Roanoke

AAF Roanoke has been the victim of a larger embezzlement scheme involving a former member of our board.

We have reported the incident to the authorities, and are cooperating with all local and state agencies during the investigation.

We were both shocked and saddened that a longtime member of our board would commit such a criminal act, but are committed to navigating through this legal process, however lengthy, and recovering the strong financial footing of our organization.

We value our members, sponsors and industry partners and want to assure you that we are taking steps to ensure such an act will not happen again.

AAF Roanoke’s public service, diversity and educational programs will continue to serve our region. Our board is strong and determined to recover. In addition, we have been fortunate to have support at our AAF District and National levels.

AAF Roanoke would like to thank our members and community for your ongoing support and understanding during this challenging time.

Winners Announced for 2017 Western Virginia American Advertising Awards

Update: Gold winners are forwarded on the District 3 AAA competition. If you won a professional Silver and would like it to compete a the next level, download the forwarding form. If you won a student Silver and would like it to compete a the next level, download the forwarding form. If you would like to order a duplicate award, download the order form.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the Western Virginia Advertising Awards Gala. It was a spirited celebration of you, your work, and your contributions to our industry.

And thank you to all who entered, without your work and your pride for the creative you develop there would be no awards. The Best of winners represent the top prizes in our local industry. Golds will automatically be sent to districts and silvers can be forwarded by the entrant. All winning entries can advance to districts and some will even find their way to Nationals in New Orleans, LA.

Congratulations again to all our winners. Keep being “horrible.”

Howard Packett Award for Creative Excellence (Best of Show)  

Access, IOV I’m Just a Custom for Inorganic Ventures

Best of Print

ndp, Universal Fibers Aloe for Universal Fibers

Best of Interactive                

NewCity, Cleveland Institute of Music Website

Best of Film, Video, and Sound

Access, IOV I’m Just a Custom for Inorganic Ventures

Student Best of Show

Cody T. Davis, GLXY EDM Festival for Liberty University

Student Judge’s Choice        

Nicholas Smith, Color Chemistry for Virginia Western Community College

See the full list of winners.

Thanks again to our sponsors.

Nominations for Advertising Person of the Year now being accepted

You can now submit your nomination online. Visit the link below.


Nominate Advertising Person of the Year & Vendor of the Year