AAF Roanoke_Nationals

AAF Roanoke has been named 2014/2015 Club of the Year by AAF National for Division III.

Each year AAF clubs from all over the country compete in the national club achievement competition in eight different categories of club performance. This year, AAF Roanoke placed in six out of the eight for our division, including:

  • 1st place for Membership
  • 1st place for Diversity
  • 1st place for Public Service
  • 2nd place for Advertising Education
  • 2nd place for Communications
  • 3rd place Club Operations

In addition to placing in these individual categories, the club was chosen to be Division III Club of the Year.

We, the board of AAF Roanoke, are humbled by these awards and look forward to continuing to serve as the voice of advertising for our area. Thank you for your continued support.


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