Advertising Person of the Year

Nomination for Advertising Person of the Year

The Advertising Person of the Year award recognizes outstanding contributions to the field of advertising, marketing and design in Western Virginia. The recipient of this award embodies the professionalism, dedication and creativity that are at the heart of the advertising profession. This is NOT a lifetime achievement award, and is designed to recognize recent accomplishments within the LAST CALENDAR YEAR. Nominees may be in the creative, marketing, advertising management, media, or other relevant advertising fields. Membership in Roanoke Advertising Federation is not required.

A committee comprised of previous winners will review all applications. The recipient of the Advertising Person of the Year Award will be announced at the Western Virginia American Advertising Awards show. For questions about submitting a nomination, contact Ananda Gilmore at

NOTE, nominations that do not include outstanding work in all categories may not be considered. When submitting the nominee’s lists of achievements, please consider how the nominee’s actions have brought about significant change, impact or improvement to the fields of advertising, marketing or design in each of the categories below.

The deadline for nominations is Jan. 31, 2023.