As spring comes to a close, so does the 2014 – 2015 Board for AAF Roanoke. We pick right back up in July with a new board. Listed below are the officers slated to assume the duties of their respective chairs for, what promises to be, another stellar year.

If you have any questions or concerns about the following list, or would like to express your interest in volunteering for this new year, please let us know via email.

2015 – 2016 Slate of Officers

President: Jamal Millner, M3:GRAFIX

Vice President: Stefanie Brown, ND&P | Neathawk Dubuque & Packett

AD 2 President: Samantha Torre, The Roanoke Times

Treasurer: Colleen Dresser, Lawrence Transportation Systems

Communications: Patrick Carrell, Anstey Hodge Advertising Group

Diversity and Education: Leigh Anne Kelley, Radford University

Membership: Jarett Henshaw, WSLS 10

Programs: Tom Field, Berryfield, Inc.

American Advertising Awards: Amy Pearman, Boyd Pearman Photography

Media Auction: Matt Brown, Anstey Hodge Advertising Group

Past President, VA Govenor: Matt Brown, Anstey Hodge Advertising Group

Secretary, Club Achievement: Tom Smigielski

Open Positions

Public Service/CreateAthon: TBA

Sponsorship: TBA